Business Coaching With Karani Leadership

The primary goals of the Business Coaching was on Behalf of Kerani Leadership:


  1. Business Vision & Mission. Getting the participant to connect with the larger vision they have for their business and what it means for them.


  • Outlining where, ultimately do they see their business heading, and assist the participant define and clearly understand the purpose of their business, as they see it.


  1. Business Model into Action. Assisted the entrepreneur establish tangible short-term and long-term goals by helping the participant see what they want over the next 10 years and then work back to what they need to be doing in the next 3 months.


  1. Reviewing Current Situation: Encourage SMME’s to be realistic about the current operational situation (including Covid) in the business to know which tools are needed to grow it. We assisted in bridging this gap and figuring out how to make the business model work.

Overall, the Business Coaching sessions have been set up to align with the learning workshops. This way, apart from the objectives above, the insights from the various programmatic interventions can were integrated by the business coach.

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